Chartered Vessel for Yachts to Latin America

Several customers in Uruguay and Argentina contacted Red Logistics to ship yachts to Punta Del Este. We analyzed the scope of the project and recommended that a Chartered Vessel would be the most cost effective way of handling this job. We ended up sending the first full charter vessel with yachts from the US to Argentina. The operation was so successful that we repeated it three times. Up to todays date we are still the first and only freight forwarder that was able to put these charters together.

To make this work, Red Logistics went to market and obtained commitments from other single shippers to add to the charter. In the end, we saved the customer over 30% of the cost of shipping these boats and had better control over the project to ensure a smooth operation. A total of 18 Yachts and Sailboats were loaded onto the chartered vessel including a beautiful 80ft BAIA.